Our Mission

We combine a cutting-edge technology platform with concierge-level service.

Disrupting the alternate lending ecosystem -

Our Story

Redstone is one of the fastest growing fintech startups in the country focused on streamlining creation and structuring of esoteric alternative asset classes. The fintech disruptor dismantled the MBS ecosystem, streamlining it with a digital platform that employs AI and machine learning tools to eliminate unnecessary steps and redundant time-wasting approval processes. Redstone’s growing MBS partner network includes institutional and retail investors, forward flow partners, brokerages and mortgage lenders.

Redstone was originally founded on the core philosophy to elevate what brokers and lenders should expect from an originator of MBS assets – a powerful and innovative technology platform supported by our commitment to concierge level service to our broker and lender partners. We have since expanded our product offerings to include asset classes sought after by institutional, retail and commercial lending partners.

Redstone has raised over $35 million since January 2020, providing significant momentum to grow. We have benefited from our investors’ and partner network’s deep knowledge of MBS operations, structured finance and significant securitization experience. Direct channels to the securitization market makers and billions of dollars of institutional capital seeking Non-QM structured assets perfectly position Redstone as one of the leading originators of Non-QM assets, among others.

Redstone is the fastest growing Non-QM / Non-Prime lender in the country. We offer a full range of products and services geared towards helping institutional investors, lending partners and broker partners alike. Our marketplace platform and offerings are the perfect home for your alternative asset products, including both fixed and adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) for a variety of pricing scenarios.

We are a full service, multi-channel, digital origination platform specializing in the Non-QM marketplace. We are highly regarded for our common sense approach to underwriting and responsible lending. Redstone perfectly blends a lightning quick process with concierge level service.

The Redstone Edge

We put the needs of our partner professionals first. We make common sense driven eligibility decisions and focus on providing solutions as opposed to roadblocks for our partners. Our products and processes are designed to:

  • Be Simple – Brokers, Investors and Forward Flow Partners are confident they are receiving transparent asset approvals that are fast and straightforward

  • Be Helpful – Brokers, Investors and Forward Flow Partners can be confident, knowing they have knowledgeable partners that solve problems

A paradigm shift is here. We think you’ll love it, come see what it feels like to come first! We believe talent and drive are worth more than words on a resume, ideas and execution are more important than titles and everyone is an owner. We collaborate with highly-motivated, intelligent people to stay true to our motto – Redstoners are doers.

At Redstone, we’re looking for people invigorated by our mission, not just those who simply check off all the boxes.

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